About my work

Hello, my name is Pavla and I am here to remind you how lovable you are. I provide Tantra therapies by a conscious touch which activates and stimulates the Life force energy throughout the entire body. It is a mixture of massage styles and other techniques, very playful, creative and it works with respect to our boundaries. I am based in North Dublin in my handmade Norwegian cabin, fully equipped with bathroom and shower, built exclusively for my Tantra treatments.

Spring has sprung, connect with your body, connect with your life energy. Ritual cleansing and boosting of your immune system through a luxurious tantra ceremony. Receive two hours of my full attention, healing touch, sometimes firm and sometimes playful. Relax in a heated and relaxing scented room with a warm welcome and a pot of tea with a calming, embracing blend of herbs. Based on communication between us, with respect to your boundaries - let's find the gem inside you.


We are proud to announce that, Therapy Touch fully caters for the needs of people with disabilities and we are wheelchair accessible.

Welcome to Therapy Touch website. I wanted to give you some general information, to help inform you about the best way to book sessions.
The most popular times are weekends and evening sessions, so last minute notice seeking appointments for weekend or evening are difficult to accommodate. If you are interested in weekend or evening session, please get in touch with me as soon as possible to select a time and date that suit, so you can avoid disappointment.
Sessions during the day time tend to suit those who are interested in long sessions 2.5 - 4 hours session and/or Ritual Baths. On some occasions there may be some last minute daytime appointments available, but this is not preferable so please try to book in advance to secure your time that suits.
I am passionate about the harmony and smooth running of my treatment, so if you are about to book your first session with me - lets make it lovely - pick the time and day well in advance, let me know and we can plan your tantra massage ceremony.

Ritual Bath is beautiful ceremony done in Wicklow mountains. To get this treatment please book for tantra massage ceremony first, you can pick from 1.5 hour up 4 hours and then we can plan your Bath.
If you have any questions I will do my best to answer these through email. It can be difficult to take Phone calls as I do not answer my phone while working. If you want to ring me, we can arrange for a time that suits by sending a text to arrange it.

Pavla with Love

Price list

Tantra session North Dublin

1.5 hour €200

2 hours €250

2.5 hour €300

3 hours €330

3.5 hour €385

4 hours €440

Prostate massage €40

Luxurious Ritual Bath

2-3.5 hour €410


2-4 hours €350-€650 North Dublin



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